What is Deep Body Therapy?

 Deep Body Therapy (DBT) is a treatment process by which the hands directly contact the client’s body in order to do the following:

  • Mobilize joints and organs
  • Reset bones
  • Release impinged nerves
  • Improve circulation and internal pressure
  • Increase elasticity of scar tissue and fascia/muscle
  • Organize the body as a whole macrophysical unit oriented to work with gravity


Deep Body Therapy makes dozens or even hundreds of adjustments to the anatomical structures of the macrophysical body, thus enabling the molecular and energetic physiology to work optimally.

 DBT re-integrates past physical traumas which have created lesions.   The Deep Body Therapist feels the body for lesions.  A lesion is defined as something in the body that should move freely but does not.  Deep Body Therapy can work to correct these lesions.

The body is in perpetual movement at all times.  Even when we are still, we have many internal rhythms. There are the obvious rhythms of the pulse and the breath, but there are many others as well, including the rhythm and movement of the digestive organs, the pumping of the lymphatic fluids, the rhythmic pumping of the cerebrospinal fluid as it bathes the brain and spinal cord. Any disruption of these rhythms can cause impairment in the body’s ability to function and adversely affect health and well being.


How do Lesions occur?

Lesions can occur at any time during a person’s life, beginning with gestation, and can be the result of accidents, such as car crashes, falls, blows to the head, birth trauma, and the aftermath of surgery or dental work. They can also be caused by poor habits of movement or posture, and emotional issues, such as grief after the loss of a loved one, stress and diverse emotional trauma.

Lesions exist in everyone and generally consist of a combination of physical and emotional trauma in their origins. The body has a finite capacity to absorb these traumas and to continue functioning in a healthy manner. When a body has reached a limit in its ability to absorb trauma without consequence, illness and pain inevitably follow.

Lesions can be primary or secondary. Primary lesions are the actual sources of impairment in function. Secondary lesions are caused by the primary structural problems, and these lesions will resolve spontaneously when the primary lesions are released.


What is the deep body?

The deep body is the organs, deep layers of fascia that contain arteries/veins, and the nervous system – special techniques have been developed to address these deeper structures that very few other health modalities directly address.


Why the hands of the therapist and not a ball or other tool?

It has been said that the hands are the finest tool.

The hands can make extremely minute distinctions as little as 40 microns…by contrast a sheet of paper is approximately 100 microns thick. They can also feel the temperature of inflammation, how well the chambers of the body are pressurized, and range of motion of joints.


How, specifically, does DBT work?

- The body has a sensory nervous system that relays information back to the brain.  This enables the body to understand what is happening inside of itself and to correct what is wrong.  Physical trauma, impinged nerves, disarticulated joints, etc. impair this process.  DBT restores sensory communication thus enabling the body to understand what is going wrong and self-correct as it does in other areas where there is no problem.


“Just as we live in a constantly changing world, so do the cells and tissues survive in a constantly changing microenvironment. The ‘normal’ or ‘physiologic’ state then is achieved by adaptive responses to the ebb and flow of various stimuli permitting the cells and tissues to adapt and to live in harmony within their microenvironment. Thus, homeostasis is preserved. It is only when the stimuli become more severe, or the response of the organism breaks down, that disease results – a generalization as true for the whole organism as it is for the individual cell.” (Pathologic Basis of Disease, third edition, S.L. Robbins MD, R.S. Cotran MD, V.K. Kumar MD. 1984, W.P. Saunders Company)


- DBT restores the body to a state of balance(homeostasis)- Many diseases are a result of disturbance of homeostasis, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance. As it ages, every organism will lose efficiency in its control systems. The inefficiencies gradually result in an unstable internal environment that increases the risk for illness.