Low Sugar Fruits

Cherries - A Low Glycemic Fruit

Below is a list of low-sugar fruits.  The numbers given indicate their Glycemic Index.

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High Protein Foods

Protein Molecule
The main problem with dieting and fasting I’ve seen is that you lose muscle.  Because your muscles are made of protein, consuming protein will help avoid muscle loss.  Consuming a greater percentage of high protein whole foods in your diet is a healthy way to maintain, tone, or build muscle while you slowly cleanse.  The below list shows grams of protein per specified amount of food, to help you create a diet that is high in healthy protein.
Note:  100g = 3.5oz

High Protein Vegan Whole Foods:
Pumpkin Seeds:  9g per 100g
Asparagus:  0.4g per spear
Cauliflower:   1.9g per 100g
Peanuts:  7grams per oz
Mung Bean Sprouts:  24g per 100g
Almonds:  6 grams per oz
Walnuts:  4g per oz
Spinach:   0.8 per oz
Broccoli:  2.8 per 100g
Cauliflower: 1.9g per 100g
Quinoa:  14.g per 100g
Lentils:  9g per 100g
Tempeh:  18g per 100g
Sunflower Seeds:  6g per oz
Chickpeas:  19g per 100g
Sesame Seeds:  18g per 100g
Avocado:  2g per 100g
Peaches:  0.9g per 100g
Figs:  0.8 per 100g
Goji berries:  3.4g per oz

High Protein Supplements:
Anutra (a whole food supplement, natural source of Omega-3’s, antioxidants, fiber, complete protein, and other important  phyto-nutrients):  20g per 100g
Hemp Seeds:  18g per 100g
Dulse:  20g per 100g
Spirulina/Bluegreen Algae:  16g per oz
Chlorella:  58g per 100g
Bee Pollen:  20g per 100g
Maca: 18g per 100g