What is Deep Body Therapy

Deep Body Therapy is  a holistic treatment process to move you away from pain and toward optimal physical health. DBT integrates and expands upon the techniques and philosophies of – Cranio Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Feldenkrais, Concious Breathing, Iyengar Yoga, Energetic Therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming and other Osteopathic Manual Therapies.

After a physical exam, we will discuss your medical history and explain the correlation between past physical traumas and your current problems .  This will give you concrete and logical understanding of your pain.   The Therapist’s highly trained touch blends with your traumatized tissue reorganizing it to it’s natural self correcting state. This allows you to feel safe going into a therapeutic relaxing state that brings your body into complete harmony(homeostasis). You will literally feel like your body is more organized and develop skills for sustaining the results gained in treatment sessions.

Pressure in your head, chest, and abdomen balance… muscle tension eases…  jammed joints and vertebrae decompress… scar tissue melts…organs float freely…energy channels vibrate…bones slide back into alignment …impinged nerves release… and your breath becomes full and spontaneous.

Jacob Robinette

15 years and 25,000 sessions of clinical practice. 3000+ hrs of study and training in effective health modalities. Seamlessly blends the hard science and intelligence of anatomy/physiology with the intuitive and energetic bodymind disciplines.

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Conditions Addressed

Chronic pain
Organ dysfunction, Whiplash, TMJ, Headaches, Vertigo, Tinitis, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Difficulties, Post-surgical pain and Scar tissue, Repetitive strain injuries, e.g. Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Computer Shoulder,Central nervous system disorders, learning disabilities.

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As each person’s situation is different, the number of visits will vary. Many people experience significant improvement within three to six therapy sessions; others may require additional treatment.

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Client Comments

“As a physician and scientist, I was extremely surprised when Jacob rapidly and definitively fixed problems with my body that doctors could not. His approach is unique, but made sense to me from an anatomical standpoint, so I started sending patients to him who also had ailments that slip through the cracks of allopathic medicine. Almost every one came back to me with a story of dramatic improvement in their condition. Patient after patient after patient with longstanding pain, stiffness, or other neuromusculoskeletal disease experienced their best bodily health in years. Jacob has a very rare talent when it comes to the human body, and he uses it to zero-in on the core of your problem and fix you.”
– Brett D. Mensh, MD, PhD, physician, neuroscientist, and patient